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Delivery Locations & Fees

Our delivery is handled by GoFood PNG. Once your order has been picked up, you will be contacted via the GoFood team to receive it. Please take note of our locations and fees before checking out. 

K35 - Zone 1 CBD

2 Mile, 3 Mile, 4 Mile, 5 Mile, Badili, Boroko, East Boroko, Down Town, Ela Beach, Gordons, Gordons 5, Gordons Industrials, Hohola, Koki, Konedobu, Korobosea, Murray Barracks, New Town, Waigani


K45 - Zone 2

6 Mile, 7 Mile, 8 Mile, Ensisi Valley, Erima, Kaugere, Kilakila, Sabama, Gabutu, Vadavada, Taurama Barracks, Tokarara, UPNG, North Waigani


K55 - Zone 3

Rainbow, Gerehu, Baruni, Morata, 9 Mile


K65 - Zone 4

Napa Napa, Edai Town, 10 Mile, 11 Mile, 12 Mile, 13 Mile, 14 Mile, 15 Mile, 16 Mile, 17 Mile, Taurama Beach, Gereka, Red Rock Cafe

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