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  • Spill The Tea - LIVE Video Segment Interview

    A few days after I shared my story on social media, I was invited to be featured on a LIVE video segment called Spill The Tea by E-Space. The day started with me preparing notes. I can get really nervous about these sort of things. At around 2:00pm, I then made my way to the E-space head office which is located at Gordons. After a brief introduction and preparation with Bryan Earles and Shannon Pondiriliki, we were ready to go live. Bryan works as the Business Development Executive and Shannon works under Marketing. The duo run the works on ground, and they do an amazing job! Here's a brief overview of what I spoke about: Running my small business and working for Spidertekpng can be tiring and exhausting at times but I love what I do. It helps me really prioritise my time, tasks and motherhood. I've been working since 2013. Being a woman in the AV/Tech World has really helped me understand and appreciate technology. Most of the attributes I learnt while working, I now apply to my small business - communicating with clients, time management, graphic design, photography, etc. I also shared some marketing and social media tools I’ve used that have helped me grow my social media channels in the past year. Here's a few: Posting at peak times: 8-9am and 6-8pm are times that work best for me. These are when my posts reach up to 700 likes. This is because these are times when people are either having breakfast or commuting to work and are on their phones. Or having dinner and sitting at home and are on their phones. Having eye catchy but not too disturbing posts. One must have an eye for design. Having your designs with not too much text and high quality images. If you do require text, keep it at bullet points and simplified. It is advisable also keep your colour scheme across your designs. This colour scheme is derived from your logo or colours you associate your business with. Post a video at least once a week or once every 3 days. For me, I love 30 second reels on Instagram. I also like taking time-lapses on how I make my products. People love to see how a product is made or packaged. It is also essential to have these videos in high resolution. Every once in a while, I also like to post baking, social media or business tips. Learning online is something that users love. When I first started, I would always share my posts via my personal accounts as well. This attracted my audience and soon enough, I didn't have to share the posts because other people were sharing them. Giveaways for when you first start. Giveaways are a great way to draw attention to your social media accounts. High quality logo. Invest in having a logo that best represents your business. Keep it simple but significant. As an entrepreneur, you also have to find efficient business solutions and workflows for your business. For example, when I first started, I had to do the delivery myself. This was sometimes hectic as I'd have to go and deliver an order, and then come back and prepare another order. I then kept searching Facebook and Google for delivery services in Port Moresby. Most of them were pretty expensive and not reasonable for my customers. Then one day I found GoFood PNG on Facebook and decided to send the owner, Vavine Anang, a message. She immediately jumped on board and the rest is history. They do an amazing job with my deliveries, picking up on time and communicating with the customer regarding their order delivery. It really saves me a lot of time and effort. One of my main motivations is the ability to create. Some years ago I read a bible plan called Called To Create by CS Lewis. He spoke about how God gave each and every one of us talents and the ability to create. This inspired me to use my talents and gifts to create - through my designs and baking. Baking is an art on its own and its an amazing way to get creative. Many businesses fail because they give up when everything gets difficult. Being an entrepreneur is no easy task. It's not for the weak. You are basically building from scratch when you start a business/brand that you are passionate about. You're the trailblazer creating the path for the next generation. I won't lie, there were many times I would cry to myself because I was exhausted and tired and just wanted to give up. There were times I'd have to cancel orders because there was too much to do. But through all those turmoils, I kept reminding myself why I started and how far I've come. I hope my story inspires other young people to follow their dreams, do what makes them happy, and most importantly, make use of the resources and technology on hand. Thank you to the team at E-space for this amazing opportunity!

  • Give Yourself Time

    I have been meaning to write this post all day but couldn’t find the right words or where to start. As small business owners, one of the things we thrive on is feedback. Growing up, I’ve learnt that words make or break us. I won’t lie, it’s been difficult the past couple of weeks. Having to juggle a small business, motherhood, responsibilities, my second job, a family, it can be daunting. But we wake up every day and do the damn thing. A certain feedback post this morning made me a little upset (ok I won’t lie it ruined my day and I took it out on the people around me 😅). Because tbh, I really thought I had put my heart into this order. Unfortunately, it didn’t meet the customer’s expectations (even though it was 3 layers). Nevertheless, I soaked it in, apologised, picked up myself and learnt from it. I promised myself I’d do better, I always do. My intentions are pure, my creations are from the soul, my kitchen is small but my heart is big. With that being said, thank you to everyone who continues to support this small business. We live and we learn, one day at a time ✨

  • Motivational Talk @ Institute of Business Studies University (IBSU)

    On the 11th of August, 2021, I was invited to IBSU to speak to a group of young people about my journey as a young woman entrepreneur. . To be in a room full of young people was my avenue to motivate them to fulfil their purpose on this earth. The next generation is here. Our time is now. And there’s no better time than now to start a business. I spoke about the challenges I face each day, the many times I wanted to give up but still kept going, the little wins, the support, the reason why I started, and some tips on social media and marketing to boost your business/brand. It was amazing to learn that there were several people in the room who already have a business and wanted to learn how to expand to reach more people. And there were also people who were thinking of starting a business but didn’t know where to start. The Q&A session was very interactive and I was so happy to mentor these young people into the right direction. Learning never stops. Each one, teach one. I left three messages behind: 1. “Start with what is in your hand and your heart.” - Just start. Don’t think about the negatives. If you fail, at least you tried. I started many small ventures but they failed one after the other. When I ventured into baking, it took off really well and so I stuck to it. 2. “When you are asked if you can do a job, tell ‘em, ‘Certainly I can!’ Then get busy and find out how to do it. (Theodore Roosevelt) - When someone asked if I could do a Blackforest cake, I said “Yes I can.” And then I did trial and error recipes until I found the right one. 3. “You are your own competition.” - Be better than you were 3 months ago, better than a week ago, better than yesterday. Perfect your craft. Perfect your skill. Research. Learn. Try and try again. Do your best to compete against your flaws, mistakes and do better. With that being said, THANK YOU: - to the team at IBSU (Joy Baiai & Dr Thirumal) for formally inviting me and for putting this session together. - to my family for their never-ending support and love. - to everyone who shared the initial post and encouraged me with their kind words, you are all appreciated. - to NBC TV (Constance and her team) for coming today and interviewing me after the session for their Women’s Program (it was two birds and one stone!) - to my sister Eva and Armstrong for helping me out on the day - taking photos and videos - and to everyone who attended the session. It was a full room and I was so nervous! But you all made me comfortable and I had an amazing time. Thank you everyone! #motivationaltalk #motivation #entrepreneurship #youngwomanentrepreneur #thejourney #tellyourstory

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  • Orders | Wake Pray Bake

    Delivery, ASAP (max 1 hour) Change Menu Cakes Cupcakes Brownies & Bars Cheesecakes Pies Cookies Cakes Cupcakes Brownies & Bars Cheesecakes Pies Cookies 0 Menu Cakes Cupcakes Brownies & Bars Cheesecakes Pies Cookies Menu Cakes All our cakes are freshly baked with the finest ingredients. We require at least two days notice before pickup or delivery. If you need a cake for the next day, please send us a message on Whatsapp. Edible Image Photo Cake Add a photo of the ones you love, yourself, or basically anything on a cake! Choose from a 2-layer or 4-layer cake in different flavours. K 230.00 230.00 PGK Red Velvet Cake Moist and tangy red velvet cake coated with cream cheese frosting. K 200.00 200.00 PGK Ultimate Chocolate Cake Chocolate cake coated with chocolate buttercream and filled with a chocolate ganache. K 200.00 200.00 PGK Carrot Cake Deliciously moist carrot cake made with freshly grated carrots, aromatic spices, and a creamy cream cheese frosting. K 200.00 200.00 PGK Mudcake Indulge in our decadent mud cake, made with Queen Emma cocoa powder and melted dark chocolate, creating a rich and moist cake that will satisfy any chocolate lover's cravings. K 200.00 200.00 PGK Marble Cake Enjoy the best of both worlds with our marble cake, a delicious blend of vanilla and chocolate cake swirled together to create a moist and flavorful dessert. Perfect for those who can't decide between vanilla or chocolate! K 200.00 200.00 PGK Choco Coconut Cake Indulge in our delectable Chocolate Coconut Cake, a heavenly blend of rich, moist chocolate cake layers enveloped in a luscious chocolate coconut cream frosting. This divine creation tantalises your taste buds with the perfect balance of velvety chocolate and tropical coconut flavours, leaving you craving for more. Topped with toasted coconut shavings for an irresistible crunch, our Chocolate Coconut Cake is a true delight for chocolate and coconut enthusiasts alike. Treat yourself to a slice of paradise and experience pure bliss with every bite. K 200.00 200.00 PGK Cookies & Cream Indulge in our Cookies and Cream Cake, a divine fusion of rich chocolate/vanilla cake, luscious cream filling, and delectable cookie chunks, all layered together and topped with cookie crumbs for an irresistible treat. K 200.00 200.00 PGK Mint Choc Cake Experience the refreshing delight of our Mint Chocolate Cake, where velvety chocolate layers are infused with a cool, minty essence, all beautifully complemented by a smooth and creamy mint chocolate frosting. K 200.00 200.00 PGK Vanilla Cake Super moist vanilla cake coated with American buttercream. K 200.00 200.00 PGK Bespoke Cake Treat yourself to our Bespoke Cake, a custom creation crafted to your preferences, with unique flavors, designs, and decorations, making it a truly personalized and unforgettable dessert. K 220.00 220.00 PGK Cupcakes Bite-sized perfection. All our cupcakes are freshly baked with the finest ingredients. We require at least two days notice before pickup or delivery. If you need a cake for the next day, please send us a message on Whatsapp. Standard Cupcakes Budget friendly homemade cupcakes with no theme or extras. K 84.00 84.00 PGK Color Scheme Cupcakes make your cupcakes burst with amazing colours when you select up to three colours of your choice K 48.00 48.00 PGK Edible Photo Cupcakes Customize your cupcake experience with our edible photo cupcakes, featuring personalized images delicately printed on a delectable layer of frosting. K 114.00 114.00 PGK Topped with toppers add the finishing touch to your cupcakes with our wide range of cupcake toppers. whether text or photo, we can make it work for you. K 48.00 48.00 PGK Floral Cupcakes gift that special someone with floral cupcakes or a floral cupcake bouquet specially made at wake pray bake K 48.00 48.00 PGK Gender Reveal Cupcakes boy or girl? spice up your baby shower or gender reveal with our cupcakes K 96.00 96.00 PGK Brownies & Bars Brownie size: 8 x 8 inch Standard our standard take home brownies are moist and still filled with loads of extras K 90.00 90.00 PGK Personalised Brownies make it creative for a friend with a personalised brownie K 90.00 90.00 PGK Cheesecakes Size: 9 inch round Classic plain classic cheesecake with assorted toppings K 170.00 170.00 PGK Oreo oreo infused cheesecake with an oreo crust, topped with more oreos and whipped cream K 180.00 180.00 PGK Lemon simple lemon flavoured cheesecake topped with lemons and whipped cream K 190.00 190.00 PGK Blueberry are you a fan of blueberries? then this cheesecake is for you! K 215.00 215.00 PGK Strawberry a special strawberry infused cheesecake for all strawberry lovers! K 245.00 245.00 PGK Pies Available in small and large sizes Pineapple Pie an original home recipe K 105.00 105.00 PGK Cookies assorted range of cookies Choc-Chip Cookies a box of 8 delicious and chewy choc-chip cookies K 50.00 50.00 PGK

  • Cakes | Wake Pray Bake | Papua New Guinea

    WELCOME Cakes, Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Brownies & Pies Order Now LET'S EAT CAKE! We are a home-based business that bakes delicious desserts to add to your event or dessert table. We deliver city-wide and right to your door! If you're at home or office, our superb delivery team ensures you get your order at your convenience. We also supply cake items and utensils from our supplier in Australia. Items are pre-ordered only and shipping takes 5-7 business days. a little bit about us Wake Pray Bake is a home-based business run by a one-woman team and an amazing support system (family and close friends). Located in the capital city of Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby, we deliver only the best and tastiest cakes. We operate our online store for pre-order pickups from Monday - Friday. We also do bake sales once in a while. We are also regulars at the POM City Markets held once a month at the National Museum & Art Gallery. We bake a wide range of cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, brownies & bars, and pies. Satisfy your sweet tooth with any of our great treats! ORDER NOW

  • How technology can help curb attention disorders

    < Back How technology can help curb attention disorders Sarah Jones Mar 19, 2023 This is placeholder text. To change this content, double-click on the element and click Change Content. This is placeholder text. To change this content, double-click on the element and click Change Content. Want to view and manage all your collections? Click on the Content Manager button in the Add panel on the left. Here, you can make changes to your content, add new fields, create dynamic pages and more. Your collection is already set up for you with fields and content. Add your own content or import it from a CSV file. Add fields for any type of content you want to display, such as rich text, images, and videos. Be sure to click Sync after making changes in a collection, so visitors can see your newest content on your live site. Previous Next

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